Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Never Again a Dell

I'm more frustrated than ever! My laptop won't power up and I'm stuck with no ARR for a minimum of 5 business days, until Dell gets something done. I swear!!!!!! I'm never ever ever ever ever ever getting a Dell ever again. Arrrrrgghhhhhhhhh!!! To begin with, they no longer have a way to call and talk to someone. So I had to chat with 3 customer service reps. OH MY GOD!!!! I know these guys are Indians. Given the fact that their ids are Ashok, Raminder and the third - Prince! The worst part of the conversation was when I tell them that the comp is working fine with the battery, but the battery has run out and cannot be recharged as the comp is not taking in any power. After reading the whole thing, this guy asks me if I can please power on my computer!!!!!!! I was just about ready to tear my hair out! Vidiya vidiya Ramayanam ketu Sithai ku Ramar yaaru nu ketu epadi irrukum? And the second guy I chatted with asked me the same question. Twice in one day was too much, so I said there's no power and there's no battery, how will the computer turn on!? FINALLY this dude gets it and tells me he's sorry that he asked such a stupid question. I was so glad that I was getting the new adaptor this morning, until they delivered an adaptor that's obviously for another computer. When I chat with this third guy, of course the Prince(!) he insists that the adaptor is right. I have to tell him that it's physically impossible to fit that adaptor to my tiny laptop.

I'm just glad I didn't delete all the songs from my office comp. It's only when I'm at home and I hear nothin' but the birds chirping outside, I'm like GIVE ME BACK MY MUSIC!!! The moment I get my laptop back I'm making copies. Not that I don't have any, but I think I need them in CDs. Though it would be a little hard to play em, because I packed my boombox. I'm almost done packing. Now all I need to do is to get my books in somewhere.

Latest fav - Asathura Asathura. Fun song that! I kinda like all the songs in E20U18. I don't get why others don't? Maybe it's too techie???