Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was a little slower in acquiring the cd on this. Maybe it's the "Yaadein" of all the terrible Ghai movies I've seen. I only started listening to Taal's music some 4 years after it's release because I tried watching the movie and I couldn't sit through the first 10 mins of it. Well, that is something I do a lot lately, listen to ARR's music and never watch the movie. Except for Jodha Akbar for the scrumptious Hrithik, of course! Alright, the music of the numerologically appropriate Yuvvraaj, I think is pretty darn good. It seems to have the older ARR touch again I guess. I think all the songs are great except for maybe one, and that I'd probably attribute to personal taste. There are some albums that ARR has come out with that have 1 or 2 really good songs while the other 2-3 are mediocre...for ARR. They're great, but given that they are ARR numbers, you expect that extra sumthin sumthin. This allbum took me back to the days when every song in an ARR album was a huge hit and is still remembered.

I'm just going to go through in the order the songs appears in my ipod:

The opening notes of Tu Muskura remind of something that I just can't put my finger on. I think I would have liked the song much better if Shreya Ghoshal had sung it with maybe Naresh Iyer. I find Javed Ali's voice strongly resembles Kamaal Khan in this number, not a singer I'm a big fan of. No comment of Alka Yagnik's voice. Love the Spanish touch with the guitar...not something new that has been used in Bollywood numbers but beautiful nonetheless. Beautiful melody, beautiful use of chorus, interspersed with the singing, and beautful arrangement. I love this song overall, but I feel like some element is missing. Maybe I'm looking for a new take on ARR's own melodic arrangements.

The opening piece of Dil Ka Rishta until the singing starts is phenomenal. When ARR starts singing in English I get a strong whiff of 'Pray For Me Brother'. He's definitely got the American accent down pat. I hear Sonu Nigam very clearly, and ARR too, but I don't hear Roop Kumar Rathod, or maybe he's over shadowed, did he do swaras? When ARR does the swaras, I thought of how Anarkali opens from Kangalal Keidhi Sei and the way raagam sound the same. And because it is a Ghai movie I couldnt but help noticing that the last part with the chorus reminded me strongly of Kisna's Theme Chorus. This song was my initial favorite and is definitely going to remain on my playlist for a long time yet.

Mastam this is the one song that hasn't still grown on me. It sounds like a kiddy song. What with all the growls and the meowing. Catchy, but I'll pass.

The Shano Remix reminded of the concept with Rang De Basanti Paathshaala and the Paathshala Remix, not the songs themselves. It looks like ARR's idea of a remix is actually slowing it down and adding rap to it. Not that I'm complaining. I'm not a big fan of rap per se, but now that I look back a lot of awesome ARR songs from as far back Kaadhalan has rap and I actually recall completely enjoying those songs! Especially in Endrendrum Punnagai.

Benny Dayal! Who is he? He's got the most divine voice! Malayali from MCC! He handles all languages with nary a trace of a Mallu accent! Shreya Ghoshal! need I say anything else!? This song definitely has the sumthin sumthin that was missing in Tu Muskura! The dreamy duet bit starting at 4:46 makes me break out in goosebumps! The music right after reminds me of So Gaye Hain. I love Tu Hi Toh Meri Dost Hain!!!

I like the original Shano Shano plenty. But I think ARR should just have one dance number. Not one and then a remixed one. I love the part where the female sings those 4 lines at 3:29, it makes for an awesome contrast to the rest of the song. The whole song makes me want to get on up and shake a leg.....on the floor.

And now for my favorite! Not surprisingly, after Manmohana in JA, my fave in this one is Manmohini (Morey). I love, simply, completely, and totally love the opening notes to this song. This is ARR at his best, only he could possibly put pure unadulterated Hindusthani singing with a softly played western dance number as the background and make it work! Mesmerised. That's exactly what I am. I wouldn't be surprised if not very many like it however. Purists definitely will not. And there are a heck of a lot of those out there.

I found Srinivas sounding a heck of a lot like Hariharan in Zindagi. Simple, beautful number again. There are a lot of melodies in this album and all of them really good. This is a great hummable tune.

You did realize that I left the Salman Khan "piece" out. Sorry, I didn't find anything new there. Unlike Lalkaar which had a beautiful background, due to my strong allergic reaction to Salman Khan, be it only his voice, I had to pass on this one.

I think I've said it all. In this day of stupor-inducing dance and remix numbers, ARR is a breath of fresh air. As always ARR is his own strongest competition. True Rahmaniacs will always expect that extra something from him. It looks like he's delivered it here.