Saturday, July 22, 2006

God! Stop It!

What's the deal with all this hate and all the killing? I'm just not able to understand it. Do men need a reason to shed blood? Is land worth as much as a human life? Is oil worth so much? Evidently, yes. Why does man think that human life is so expendable? Taking another human life, shouldn't that be inexcusable? Why is it that people just stand back and watch while more and more people just die. Aren't most of the places where there is strife, related to land disputes? Forget soldiers, terrorists, or freedom-fighters who know that there is a higher probability of their dying, whether for their country or their cause. What about the innocent lives that are snatched away in any land dispute. What kind of a hate targets innocent people travelling on trains? No matter which faith or religion these terrorists belong to, whether it be judgment day or just plain karma, don't they know that there will be some kind of reprisal? Wouldn't that damn the soul for all eternity? What or who propagates such hate that would result in such devastation? The worst part is that this is our history. History has told us of so many wars and so many deaths, of men killing each other for control over land. Does man learn NOTHING from history? Why do they make us sit through all those classes in school? Territorial fights are prevalent amongst animals. Does this not show just how base the human instinct is? Peace seems to be a faraway dream right now. Armies, nuclear testing, armament : killing machines. Shows you how insecure each country is. So much chaos. I wonder if this is when Kalki will come down. Why do we need constant reminders from a God above to live harmoniously? When we have been given a superior intelligence when compared to animals, why do we not use it? I guess if over 2000 years of fighting and killing each other hasn't stopped the population from expanding, maybe this is just one of those ways that God has designed for keeping the population in check. As much as I've read of peoples' feelings, the hatred just keeps spreading. I see no hope for humanity as long as the negativity in them prevails. The pattern is pretty much set in stone at this point in time. I just hope I am wrong though.