Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Golden Age

We're a privileged lot, you know! We've got Indian greats such as Shekhar Kapur and ARR offering up the very best. The Golden Age indeed, that we live in. Just found out that Shekhar Kapur blogs too!! I found his and (I think) his historian's account of The Golden Age(that they just completed shooting) fascinating. What was most amazing is the way you're actually able to interact with the man himself. Have always been a big fan of Mr. Kapur. Why wasn't he nominated for an Oscar, when his movie and lead actress were!? The blog isn't just about The Golden Age. There's so much more. It gives you an insight into what kind of a man Kapur himself is. I must admit, I'm ecstatic that he acknowledged my questions and actually replied. No points for guessing what the questions were about. Anyways, I think, after reading the blog it's not just about the music alone. One year for it to release, that's no fun at all. Check out the link for his and his historian's posts on The Golden Age alone.

His historian mentioned the use of ARR's music in a certain scene in May. The last paragraph talks about ARR. The rest is also very interesting. There's history and historical accounts, and there's SK's interpretation of them.

I found the blog very interesting in itself. Throw in ARR and there's a movie that I'm going to be watching as soon as it releases. I wonder if it's too much to ask of ARR himself to maintain a blog. His thoughts and feeling out on the internet....I guess that would be asking too much. He is the kind who is rather private. Maybe just something short about his music. It would be wonderful to be able to communicate with him, and it would be more private than getting mobbed as he normally does when he's in public. Hoping and praying that this gets both SK and ARR (and Mr. Pinto) an award.

Latest Fav: Stuck on New York Nagaram. Simply beautiful. This one did not require the growing effect. Liked it immensely the very first time I heard the samples in More on JOK later.