Monday, February 27, 2006

Basketball Fever

For a basketball fanatic like me, it was a dream come true to get to go to a game. I got to see the Aggies beat the UT Longhorns (Whoop!). Our girls pretty much thrashed 'em silly. And I got the best seats available! I was sitting right behind the girls as my boss was asked to be a Guest Coach. Since she knew of my passion for basketball she asked me if I wanted to go along, and the rest as they say, is history. My boss and I were at the Bright Football Complex for a short presentation and then got a tour of the Complex. These kids have got it made. They have every facility they'll ever need to help them ace college. But they do have to work hard and 'play' even harder. Then we popped over to Reed Arena for the game and wonders of wonders, we got the best parking spot available. We got to even go over to the girls' locker room and hear Head Coach Blair and Associate Head Coach Schaefer talk to the girls before they went in to beat the Longhorns. The clincher?? I got to talk to the girls too. I didn't know that I would be doing it, but I ended up saying soemthing stupid and well, the girls laughed at it. A’Quonesia Franklin is one awesome player. I know for sure that I'm taller than her, but I doubt I could ever be as great as she is.

Fact : Aggies are ranked #25 in the Associated Press Women’s College Basketball Top 25 Poll. They were ranked #21, but they dropped a few points when the lost a couple of games against Baylor(12) and Oklahoma(9). No. 31 on

I've seen like gazillion NBA, WNBA, and NCAA: men's and women's bball games. But to see it all happen and when you have ringside seats! is totally amazing. The commentary was vintage American style. They even announced the players and the guest coaches like the way they're announced on tv. "Here we have No. 3 Takiiiiaa Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarks." It was phenomenal. I forgot to take my camera to the game (I could kick myself so hard that I wouldn't be able to sit for a week!) , BUT I did have my cell phone! So here are some pics from the ringside :) The quality of these pics leaves a lot to be desired for. It's the best I could do.

This one was taken just as the Aggies scored. :)

That's Coach Blair preventing me from catching the Aggies acore again.

That's Coach Blair in the lighter colored shirt talking to girls during a time-out. And Coach Schaefer in the dark jacket. The pretty lady is Assistant Coach Tennison. You can also see the left shoulder and arm of Assistant Coach Kelly.

This one's of a freethrow. I did note that most of the initial points that UT scored were via freethrows.

I wanted to fight for the rights of the children that have been wronged! Child labor is such a horrible thing. I refrained :) They had lil kids do the cleaning up evertime there was a time-out. There isn't much to clean up at all, it's just so cute is all.

Reveille, Aggie mascot. Cute dog, makes her presence known by barking. (My lil secret...the Corps guys that take care of her are always cuter...ssshhh) I wanted to get a pic of the Yell Leaders too, but my lil camera phone ran out of space. Yeah, the Aggies do not have any cheerleaders, we have Yell Leaders. They're these really cute, BIG, beefy-lookin, man's man kinda guys. They plonked themselves down in the girls' seats in front of us during half-time and they looked like they had chips on their shoulders the size of the Himalayas, so I didn't make any space for 'em on my phone :) I don't think they'll rue the loss ;)

If you want to see a short video on the Aggie Women's BBall team go to

Dang! I wish my dad had let me play some bball when I was accepted into the college team :( Oh what the hey! I got to watch a great game :)


Ani said...

True ...was amazed myself seeing Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's name on this one...had to validate it in imdb and wikipedia after watchin :-)


Aravind said...

ur first non-ARR post, i think!! :D

As i do not know much about Basketball, me not writing anything more ;)

sathyus said...

agree with Aravind.. first AR youmust really like basketball..

Sushma said...

I could see it coming from Damon, but Affleck? hmmmm

I think the second non-ARR post. But, yeah, completely devoid of ARR - this is the 1st one. Bball was a big passion, and it kind of died down cos I couldn't actually catch any of the games for like almost 2 years now. This game made it all come back in one big rush!

You agree with Aravind on the fact that it's my first non-ARR post or that you don't know much abt bball?? Yes, am a big, big, big bball FANatic. I guess the name of the blog stands out for what I'm a maniac abt huh? ;)

Girl said...

Hey Sush! Came here from orkut! Have blogrolled you. Awesome posts on music. You really ought to do professional reviews of AR Rahman albums.

Sharad said...

Hey Sushma, thanks for the comment. I didn't know you had a blog , I've just linked you to mine!

How are things with you ? Where re you now , what are you upto ? you finished your course right ?

Sriram P said...

Do I know you?? Or Do you know me? I think second is apt.. Name and place sounds familiar, but w.o a face in the profile I just wanted to confirm.

Sushma said...

Thx :) but I think there are much better musically qualified people out there who'd do a better job at it.

I'm chilling after I'm done with my thesis. Still in the same place I was before, looking for a job. What're you upto?

We went over this in orkut too :) I'm one of Lakshmi's old roomie at CS.