Thursday, April 12, 2007


It has been a very, very, very long time since I've gotten the time or reason to blog I guess. Life got very hectic between the last time I posted and now. The dust has barely started to settle, and I'm heading for another roller coaster ride to God alone knows where and when. Anyways, moving on to the music at hand.

Athiradi: Loved it. Hilarious lyrics. Gun Gun, En Strong Gun, Roger Moore Poley, Dishum! Everytime I hear it I laugh especially at the usage of the word Dishum. The song is extremely likable though! So catchy, so fun, so funny. Bun Bun nee sweet bun? My Fair Lady nee thaan? I loved the Rathi thi thi...part a lot. Reminds me of Mukkala from Kaadhalan if only for the nonsensical lyrics and the catchy tune. And being the biased Rahmaniac that I am, I couldn't resist an ARR sung number. Sounds very Michael-Jacksonish. One question? Why does the female have this highly fake anglicized accent?? Sayonara? sounds good though.

Balleillakka: SPB at his best. This guy just keeps getting better than his latest best. As much as I don't like that song too much, and as much as I like this one, to some extent, probably because of the same singer, and the pace this song brought Devuda to mind. To me the best part of the song is the main chorus in itself, call it being homesick, call it the magic of ARR...I loved the Aey Balleilakka part the best. Whenever I listen to this part I have this feeling of coming home. Did not like the song at all when I started listening to it. Initially I was looking for the layers and it didn't seem like there were many, it took some serious headphone listening to actually unearth this gem. Am totally taken with this song as of right now. Love the eley...eley...eley parts every now and then in the background.

Sahana is a vintage ARR composition. If only there was someone else singing the male part, it would have been closer to perfect. I absolutely abhor Udit Narayan's Tamizh renditions. I don't particularly like his voice either these days. Enough said about that. Chinmayi's awesome. She sounds very different again. So different from the Oru Deivam in Kannathil... and very different from the Tere Bina in Guru. Full bodied, yet she manages to sound so good when she does the breathy bit. When she hits the high note between 3:47-3:55 she sounds breathtakingly lovely. I guess this song would fall into the Munbe Vaa, Snehidane, Kaatril Oru Vaarthai category.....somehow I thought it didn't quite make it to the standard of the aforementioned songs. Even the Dheem thana... part that ARR sings seems a little like he just wanted to get it done. Didn't sound like a final version. Slightly unsatisfying experience.

Sahara is like the beauty of Sahana magnified. Stupendously lovely. The only jarring note is when Vijay Yesudas tries to hit the high note but struggles with it. People have been questioning his usage in the song, but I think since the song isn't supposed to be the main version, being much shorter and with less background music, his tentative and softer rendition sounds about spot-on. Gomathi Shree - is she related in any way to Nithyashree?? The way they sing, their style seems similar. Initially she sounded weird to me, kind of flat, nasal. I guess, she sounds like she's trying to sound more classical. I love the lyrics for her. My overall favorite would be this number in the whole album. I especially like the background female singers work.

Style is one song that would probably go down better with other people. Initially screaming from the "adivaithu" was not so appealing. What the heck is he saying? Even after getting the lyrics I couldn't get the meaning of the pachai and vellai thamizhans. Spanish lyrics? The electric guitar work at the end really jarrrrrrs. I'm sure it'll be a big hit with someone. Oh My God! I'm growing old! I can't believe I don't think stuff like this is cool anymore!

Vaaji Vaaji is an enjoyable song. I loved 3 things in this song. Hariharan's rendition, the aambal-mavval part and the 3:27-4:12 interlude part. The music and the singing in this part is divine. I have no clue what the heck they're saying, but I get goosebumps everytime I hear that part. I'm convinced that I just don't like Madhushree's voice or the way she sings. Something just ain't right there. I think the only song sung by her I like is the number in Kisna. This song didn't strike me as being a stand-outter, except for the aambal-mavval part. Took a little getting used to, but a likable number. 2:12-2:18 has this male singing which adds a nice touch.

Boss - This one's an obvious Rajini number. Created only for the Super Star. Sounds like the BGM for all his fight scenes. 0:08-0:19 this section sounds like a slower part from Taal's instrumental piece Beat of Passion . Song has a lot of attitude. Goes down very well.

Overall, there were good parts to every song, but the negative aspects stood out and the good parts seem to be overwhelmed by some of the glaring negative aspects. I feel that this one was not given attention. Except for Sahara to some extent, I didn't think there was an outstanding number like Barso Re or Munbe Vaa or New York Nagaram. These songs were perfect. But all the songs are very likable. They grow on you and feel like your warm fuzzy blankey.

On a non-Sivaji note, I'm going through a Shreya Ghoshal phase. All the songs that she's sung for ARR are simply awesome, I'm surprised he didn't use her for Sivaji, maybe something else soon. I was extremely excited when I found out from the yahoo group that ARR's doing a whole bunch of concerts in the USA. I can't wait! Dang! I wish I could get the tickets already! Finally seeing him in action is going to be absolutely great!


Naren said...

just came across your blog and gotta say you write some comprehensive reviews... a couple of things from your review on sivaji:
-about the style song: dont know if your know this already, but thalaivar is supposed to be an NRI living in the US before he comes back to tamilnadu (entering in with the balleilakka song) and i guess he lives like an american here (vellai thamizhan)
-can't believe you caught that eley eley part too; didn't that give you chills!
-did you get that part where towards the end of 'balleilakka' when spb starts his rendition of the kadakada vena and so on, ARR joins in for a bit?

keep the reviews coming..

Ani said...

hey there ...
yep ..planning to get my tickets once I am bac in town (on a mini vacation@hawaii :-))

gud one ..ur review ....
this man never ceases to surprise me ...I heard this album ..and at first hadn't liked it ....but not ...its a whole different story each n every song now


Ashok The Great said...

A.R.Rahman The legend nice one buddy....