Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is this awesome or what??

Not one, not two but THREE nominations for the Oscar!

He has been nominated for Best Score and twice for Best Song. What amazes me is there are only 3 nominations in the Best Song category. Out of those 2 are his! I'm so glad for him. Feb 22nd! Can't wait! I repeat! Jai Ho ARR!!!!

Best Score Nomination:

Best Song Nomination - Jai Ho

Best Song Nomination - O Saya


Praveen said...

waiting for the D day..with prayers on my lips..hope he wins all 3

True Blue Rahmaniac said...

Hey Praveen!

I'm waiting for Feb 22nd. Will def try to catch a glimpse of him at Kodak Theatre. I live really close by now. Sadly he can only win 2. He's been nominated twice in the same category. I like O Saya better, but I think Jai Ho is novel to Americans. I don't care which one wins!

Ani said...

truly awesome u in LA now?

True Blue Rahmaniac said...

Been all over the place in the last couple of years but have finally settled in LA.